Local Solutions for a Global Economy



Caleb Shreve

Executive Director

Caleb is Executive Director of the Global Fairness Initiative (GFI), an organization committed to extending economic access and opportunity to the working poor. Before joining GFI, Caleb was founder of the Tidewater, a firm supporting the growth and impact of NGOs and foundations on the forefront of international development. During his 6 years at Tidewater Caleb worked with clients around the globe on initiatives to help vulnerable communities gain access to essential services, knowledge and financing. Prior to Tidewater, Caleb served on the White House staff of former President Clinton and on the leadership team of New York University's Wagner School of Public Service. He has also held senior positions with the Corporation for National Service, the International Broadcasting Bureau and the Democratic Presidential Campaigns of Senator John Kerry and Barack Obama. A native of Washington, DC, Caleb attended the University of Pennsylvania and the College of Wooster, and received degrees in English Literature and Political Science.


Jen Marlay

GFI Program Director

Jen’s background and experience has been focused on promoting equitable economic development and creating livelihood opportunities for the poor with an emphasis on women and youth. Prior to joining GFI, Jen was the project lead on a randomized control trial evaluation testing the impact of various vocational training and job creation strategies in Uganda. Jen has also managed several income generating activities in Uganda as the Livelihoods Program Manager and then Program Manager for Uganda Hands for Hope – an NGO based in Uganda dedicated to helping families living in Kampala’s informal settlements. Prior to her time in Uganda, Jen worked at the Millennium Challenge Corporation as a Program Officer in the Policy and Evaluation Department where she worked on a variety of governance programs. Jen has a M.S. in Development Management from American University and a B.S. in Business Administration from Boston University.


Jacob Emont

GFI Program Assistant

Through his work and education, Jacob has spent the last five years working towards international cooperation and equality for marginalized groups. Prior to joining GFI, Jacob was a Fulbright fellow in Nevşehir, Turkey, where he worked as an English instructor at a state university. Jacob has also worked on diversity issues at the Case Foundation, women’s equality in entrepreneurship at Springboard Enterprises, international education at Space Camp Turkey, and privacy policy at Arnall Golden Gregory. Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Jacob holds a B.A. in Political Science from George Washington University.


Sarah Tralins

GFI Program Assistant

Sarah is a strong advocate for effecting meaningful market-based change and economic development through global cooperation and activism. She has worked on U.S. foreign policy towards the Western Hemisphere in the public and private sectors and has a strong background in macroeconomic and trade policy, as well as political and economic analysis. Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, Sarah is a native of Miami, FL and holds a B.A. from Tufts University and a Masters in Latin American Studies from the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Jessica Yarrow

Country Director, Guatemala

GFI's Guatemala Country Director, Jessica Yarrow, has been in Guatemala since 1997 working for human rights organizations supporting local initiatives to improve labor rights, access to justice, economic development and to end human trafficking. She also has experience interpreting and translating for visiting funders and academic groups. With GFI Jessica will provide insight and manage our current projects in Guatemala. She holds a master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management from the School for International Service and a B.A. in Spanish/Latin American Studies from American University in Washington, DC.

Asma Ben Hassen Darragi

Country Director, Tunisia

Asma Ben Hassen Darragi is an economist from Tunisia. She holds a postgraduate degree in economic sciences and is working on a doctoral thesis showing the relationship between regional development strategies and employment, particularly for young people. She has ten years of experience in higher education, where she specialized in macro and microeconomic issues in labor economics, project management and evaluation, and business creation. Her work focused on creating sustainable economic development through the promotion of self employment and entrepreneurship. Asma has also worked as a consultant, diagnosing needs and developing training programs for various Tunisian companies.


Homraj Acharya

Country Director, Nepal

Homraj is originally from Kapilvastu, Nepal where he saw firsthand the injustices of poverty, caste and gender inequality and environmental destruction. He has degrees from the University of Colorado and American University. He has a wide range of experience in the grassroots, government and non-government sectors of both the U.S. and Nepal. Prior to joining the GFI team Homraj was a national consultant for the Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries, an organization of more than 30,000 micro, small and cottage industries, providing market expansion strategies and creating international business linkages to promote Nepali products. He is excited to be working with GFI and the Brick Clean Network on the Better Brick Project and looks forward to having an impact on the environment and people’s lives.


Haua Embaló

Country Director, Guinea-Bissau

Haua Embaló is a manager in the socioeconomic field of study with expertise in project management, strategic planning, institutional development and microfinance development. With over 11 years of experience in community development, Embaló’s career includes the design and implementation of poverty reduction programs to generate income for local producers and youth organizations in craftwork, rice production and the cashew sector in Guinea Bissau. Prior to joining GFI, Haua worked for 10 years with SNV (a Dutch organization working in community development in Guinea-Bissau) as an adviser and project manager. In addition to her work as a project manager, she also worked as an independent consultant on numerous projects and programs in Guinea-Bissau. Haua began working as GFI Country Director for Guinea-Bissau in January 2016.


Jean Marsault Ella

Deputy Country Director, Guinea-Bissau

Jean Marsault is originally from Cameroon, where he did his entire nursery, primary, secondary and university studies. He is a graduate, as a Field Engineer in Telecommunication, from the National Polytechnic Bamenda, Cameroon. He later on went for further studies in the Republic of South Africa where he studied community development at the Kwazulu Natal Experimental College in Pinetown, Durban and graduated as a Development Instructor. As a pre-requisite for completion of community development studies, he did a successful six-month internship with Humana People to People in South Africa, an international NGO. Prior to joining GFI, Jean Marsault worked with a number of organizations, including ADPP in Guinea-Bissau, an international organization member of the International Federation of the Humana People to People, where he held the position of Partnership Officer; APALCOF, a major small holder farmers’ association in Guinea-Bissau, where he held the position of Program Manager; and, has been an independent consultant with the Guinea-Bissau National Civil Society Movement. He is versed in the English, French and Portuguese languages. In September 2014, Ella began working on the Guinea-Bissau Livelihood Initiative –GFI’s program in Guinea-Bissau – and he’s hoping to create a significant impact on the local populations’ livelihood.


Infamara Mane

Program Officer, Guinea-Bissau

Infamara Mane is natural born Bissau Guinean and he completed his primary, secondary, and higher education in The Republic of the Gambia at Malfa Primary school, Nusrat High school, and The National School of Forestry. He returned to Guinea-Bissau in 1990 and served as a junior staff member on Projecto Palmares under the Department of Forestry of Guinea-Bissau. In late 1993, he was appointed as an English Teacher in a High School in the Region of Cacheu in Guinea-Bissau. From 1994 to 1998 he continued teaching at the school and simultaneously contracted as secretary to the Taiwan Medical Mission in Canchungo in the Region of Cacheu. After the Guinea-Bissau Civil war of 1998/99 he was transferred to the capital city - Bissau - as English teacher at Liceu Nacional Kwame N’Krumah. In the year 2000, he was hired as an English and Basic Economics teacher at the Guinea-Bissau National School of Administration (CENFA), where he worked until 2008, when he returned to the Gambia and served as forest ranger until 2009 and was offered the opportunity to further his education at the National School of Forestry. He graduated with a degree in Forest Management and Land Conflict Resolution in 2011. Back in Guinea Bissau, he is presently appointed as Program Officer of the Global Fairness Initiative in Guinea-Bissau.