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BeFair Campaign

The BeFair Campaign

The Global Fairness Initiative launched the BeFair Campaign with the goal of expanding the reach of green technology and meaningful economic development.

Each year the BeFair campaign works with a community that could benefit from access to innovation. We listen to what community members consider their greatest challenges and what can be done to help them work more efficiently to improve their livelihoods. Having identified the technology the community needs, we partner with a kindred company that produces and delivers it.

Through our work worldwide we have witnessed the power a simple technology has to transform lives. A clear example was our first campaign, born out of our work with salt farmers in Gujarat India. In the desert salt pans of the Great Rann of Kutch, there is no permanent infrastructure, including electricity. Thanks to contributions by hundreds of supporters GFI successfully purchased and delivered 6,500 solar-powered lanterns to salt farmers in January 2011, helping one of the poorest communities in the world save nearly $400,000 per year or $60 per family.

By contributing to the BeFair campaign you can make a difference each year and ensure that your contributions directly address the needs of the poorest communities throughout the world.

Introducing the 2015 Campaign: Access to Technology

Each year GFI renews a campaign that's all about Access. Access to opportunity - Access to rights - Access to investment; these are the basics of fairness and the roots of the BeFair Campaign. For 2015 our theme is Access to Technology and you can play your part by supporting one of a few simple technologies that significantly improve the lives and livelihoods of the families with whom we work. This year, we are focusing on four communities located in four different countries: Guatemala, Guinea Bissau, India, and Nepal. Each community represents a different group of stakeholders in one of GFI's programs around the world. In Guatemala and Guinea Bissau, participants in the Verapaz Action for Sustainable Agro-Industry (VASAI) program and the Guinea Bissau Livelihood Initiative (GBLI) will receive micro irrigation kits that will help smallholder farmers increase crop yields and profits in an environmentally sustainable way. In India and Nepal, participants in the Salt Workers Economic Empowerment Program (SWEEP) and the Better Brick Nepal (BBN) program will receive clean cook stoves that will help salt farmers and brick workers reduce energy costs and harmful indoor air pollution from traditional cook stoves. With a small investment of $25 you can help provide these innovative, low cost and environmentally conscious technologies to working poor families around the world and help them access the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty to improve their lives and environment around them.

Where will your impact be?

Navigate through the side menu and the map below to see who the BeFair campaign impacts, where they live and how you can help deliver innovative technology and meaningful economic development to those who need it most.

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