Local Solutions for a Global Economy

Our Approach

The GFI Difference

GFI creates local economies that work for local stakeholders, instead of making local stakeholders work for a global economy.

How we do that:

Engaging Government
GFI is a leading innovator in the development of public policy interventions that support small producers and create economic opportunity for the working poor.

Investing in Women Producers
At GFI we believe that women represent the greatest potential for putting an end to the cycle of poverty that undermines development around the globe.

Building Workforce Capacity
By engaging unions and other organized formal and informal worker groups, GFI expands the reach of our economic development initiatives and broadens the impact of social services in the countries where we work.

Improving Access to Markets
Building on our unique multi-stakeholder process, GFI is working with private sector leaders to identify market opportunities and remove the obstacles that prevent quality products from reaching markets and producers from earning a fair price.

Bringing Fairness to Free Trade
As nations struggle to define fairness, GFI has led the way to broaden inclusion in the free trade process by bringing traditionally-excluded workforce stakeholders to the bargaining table.