Local Solutions for a Global Economy

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Do you have an innovation in global engagement?

Could your project be a "best practice" in global investment and trade? Become a Partner with the Global Fairness Initiative.

The Global Fairness Initiative works to promote international trade and development projects that offer innovative answers to some of globalizations most troubling problems. We specialize in developing complex, issue-specific engagement processes designed to facilitate innovation in fairness-standard-based trade and investment.

To this end, GFI works to:

  • Identify and Promote Better Economic Models: We find and nurture successful, scalable, and replicable models of development, investment, and trade.
  • Forge Critical Relationships between Key Stakeholders: We work with people in the highest levels of government, media, business, and civil society to create networks essential for grassroots leaders to enhance the livelihoods of poor and marginalized people.
  • Enrich the Lives of the Working Poor: We are guided by the ideas and opportunities that come from our partners in poor and marginalized communities. This approach to defining our work program ensures the involvement of the most important stakeholder -- people living and working in poor communities.
  • Capitalize on Global Opportunities: We capitalize on key political opportunities to create new and better opportunities for wealth creation.
  • Bridge Gaps: We specialize in facilitating discussion among key stakeholders - often when direct dialogue is either not possible or has depleted good will. We know how to find practical solutions to the challenges brought about by globalization.